DHS CBP Enterprise Small Business (ESB) Professional Service

Contract Number: 70B04C23A00000056

This contract provides technical support to advise and assist the Government as the Subject Matter Expert (SME) for strategic planning, risk assessment and mitigation, cost analysis, data management and analysis strategies, and senior program management. This support is required to enhance CBP’s program and current project management and tracking initiatives in order to meet emerging reporting and metrics requirements. In addition, CBP requires vendor support to recommend enhancing and supporting CBP’s emerging technology, data management, reporting and analytical capabilities. CBP’s procedures and processes have evolved significantly over the last several years and maintaining CBP program process documentation and training is a continuing requirement. This also includes support for the following activities:

  • Portfolio, Program & Project Management (PSC R408)
  • Executive Administration, Communications and Engagement (PSC R408)
  • Business Intelligence and Data Analytics (PSC R408)
  • Business and Technology Transformation (PSCs RDF01)
  • Acquisition Management (PSC R408)
  • Records and Information Management Support Services (PSC R408)
  • Logistics and Asset Management (PSC 408)

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