Cyber Security

Case Study


DoD Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) Joint Service Provider (JSP)


Secure the Macintosh Center of Excellence (Mac CoE) Apple Macintosh operating systems (macOS) for secure operation in the DoD information infrastructure.


  • Staff a CoE to maintain and secure the DISA-approved Macintosh Core Image OS.
  • Provide engineering configuration management and support aligned with the Risk Management Framework (RMF).
  • Develop expertise, knowledge and input for all macOS STIGs.
  • Create and manage the Macintosh Environment eMASS based on the DISA JSP Accreditation Boundary.
  • Assess, configure, remediate and write security controls for the Apple macOS-related Systems in OSD – assessing it against NIST SP 800-53v4 and maintaining the eMASS record to support the macOS secure Authority to Operate (ATO).
  • Create documents on RMF compliance and create the System Security Plans (SSPs).
  • Implement, test, and create Vulnerability Management Plans (VMPs) for Macs.
  • Analyze, assess, and configure software from vendors including Apple, Microsoft, and Adobe to meet DISA JSP Risk Management and Cyber Security guidelines.

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