Program Management

Case Study


Department of Homeland Security (DHS) United States Coast Guard (USCG) CG-931 Aviation Acquisitions


Program Management support for the acquisition of the Medium Range Surveillance (MRS) and Long Range Surveillance (LRS) Maritime Patrol Aircraft (MPA), Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS), and the upgrade of existing aircraft to include C-130H, H-60, and H-65.


  • Provided support for administrative, business finance accounting, risk management, schedule analysis, systems engineering and cost analysis functions.
  • Program Management over 4 separate acquisition programs (CG-931, CG-9311, CG-9312 and CG-9315) required by the USCG major systems acquisition process.
  • Superior knowledge of Major Systems Acquisitions policies and procedures.
  • Exceeded standards for completion of contract tasking, deliverables, and administrative requirements.
  • Successful transition plan from previous contractor through a Government furlough and stop work order.

“[Zantech] support staff continues to be committed to the CG mission while working in a team environment. The interaction between all contractor, government, and military staff during the measurement period was seamless and is an asset to CG-931, CG-9311, and CG-9312 aviation projects.”