Department of Defense

Case Study


Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) Joint Service Provider (JSP)


Provide a Macintosh Center of Excellence (Mac CoE) to integrate Apple operating system (OS) technologies into the DoD network through innovative security, engineering and configuration techniques.


  • Create and maintain the JSP Approved Macintosh Core Image OS.
  • Provide operational engineering configuration management and support in line with RMF.
  • Member of DISA Consensus Process providing expertise, knowledge, and input for macOS STIGs.
  • Developed the AutoSHB DISA Secure Host Baseline implementation tool.
  • Developed macOS applications in Swift and Objective-C.
  • Created the Managed Macintosh Environment in eMASS.
  • Evaluate, test, and integrate all COTS macOS software to be approved for use on JSP networks from vendors including Apple, Microsoft and Adobe.

“[Zantech] consistently provided exceptionally high-quality solutions and products. Contract requirements exceed technical standards, excellent planning and control of engineering tasks.”